The top finance and wealth events 2019/20

Aug 2, 2019 | Uncategorised

As the wealth management sphere is becoming broader and more diverse, it pays to be forward-thinking and attend conferences and other events both within and beyond the expected family office ones.

According to the AMEX Global Meetings & Events Forecast for 2019, there has been a consistent year-on-year increase in meetings and events of around 1.5-2% over the last five years.

Choosing the Right Conference is essential as some events are little more than marketing activities for sponsors and although they can open up a wide range of investment opportunities it may be a good idea to get converse with organisers of the events beforehand. Such a discussion can go a long way in managing your expectations and will provide you with the opportunity to convey what you hope to gain from the event. Time is money and deciding as to which events to spend. 

To make the right decision for you and your company, here is a comprehensive guide to the best established and new events of 2019 / 20.

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