Quick Start LinkedIn Lead Generation:

We Drive Quality Unique Leads to Your Business & Increase Your Online Visibility

Our LinkedIn lead generation strategy targets & engages your most qualified decision makers, driving them directly into your LinkedIn Message Box

What we do


  1. Build targeted and qualified lists of your ideal prospects on LinkedIn
  2. Write clear and personal cold outreach messages that garner responses
  3. Set up message sequences to gain company page followers, LinkedIn  / Facebook group members, share company news
  4. Send hundreds of custom messages to your prospects every month



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Let us 100x your LinkedIn reach


Your LinkedIn outreach should be scaled efficiently and affordably. Instantly access hidden sales opportunities on LinkedIn.


    What we offer

    How it works




    Attention to detail is key and we learn from you who your “ideal client” is to target

    You complete an on-boarding questionnaire and we will have a call to allow us to understand more about your business.


    We research and build potential invitee lists of contacts to fit your ideal client profile.



    We discuss message content and goals with you and provide effective templates for you to edit.

     Leveraging our experience of LinkedIn, we engage potential clients in a dialogue with you for your to progress with a call / meeting at your convenience.

    For full social media management, please contact info@trevisansocial.com