The Facebook and LinkedIn Groups Guide

Want to connect to more potential clients? Go to where they are. Market your services to millions of leads FOR FREE in just a few minutes a day.


You know your business can help a lot of people but you’re struggling to find new clients. It’s easy to think there’s a problem with what you do. There isn’t. Marketing is a numbers game and whilst it’s essential you reach as many people as possible, we all know how expensive advertising to new leads can be which means you often fail to connect with enough new people to make those numbers work.

How about this: What if you could reach literally millions of leads in just a few minutes… for free?

What if the people you reached were aligned directly with what you do and searching for someone to help them?

We’ve put together a document with 40+ pages of direct access URLS of LinkedIn and Facebook groups.

Groups are a great way to find, connect and build trust with your ideal clients and place you a step ahead of your competitors. They’re also criminally underused, despite being an incredible place to showcase your knowledge & experience in your niche.

There’s no need to spend hours researching the best groups for your sector. We’ve done it for you.
1 click and you are taken directly to the LI /FB page.

We have also differentiated between UK and Global groups.

Not only can you promote your services within these, many have specific promotion days.

This resource contains the best groups for the following industries:


Financial Services
Financial Planning

UK Property
Investment Banking
Wealth Management

Think of this list as the little black book you wish you had had access to from the beginning.


What you get


This is the kind of list I WISHED I had when I was starting out. You won’t find this list anywhere else.


A combined audience reach of MILLIONS of new leads.


Direct Link URLS from the PDF, saving hours of search time.


Categories neatly split into Finance, Banking, Investment Banking, UK Property, Wealth Management, Family Office, Trusts, Fintech & Financial Advisors.


If you only get one client from this list, it will have been worth its value many times over. Most people find this kind of time saving information wins them far more than that.