Turn your LinkedIn Profile into a client conversion machine. 

Your LinkedIn profile is either winning clients or losing them. Which is it doing for you?

Join Melanie Goodman of Trevisan as she walks you through the fundamentals of crafting a compelling LinkedIn profile that communicates your business effectively, attracts the right visitors and dramatically increases your chances of converting them into clients.

When you fine tune your profile, clients find you

Yesterday I got ten new messages from potential clients. I’d never met any of them before but they found me through my LinkedIn profile and were convinced to get in touch. 

 Sound too good to be true? It’s actually quite simple. You see, there are people that want what you offer and they’re searching for it right now. The question is, are they finding you or somebody else? And if they do find you, does your profile always convince them that you’re what they were looking for ?

 Here’s the interesting part: up to this point, your clients haven’t even met you. They’re making each of these decisions down to a few pixels on a screen. Set your profile up one way, you don’t get results. Optimise it and you do

 My job is to make sure your profile has the best possible chance of attracting and converting the kind of clients you want for your business, and even more importantly, that you stop doing the things that are turning clients away.

About your Instructor

Melanie Goodman has worked alongside major international firms, such as Emirates Group, along with providing regular support to practices within the St. James’ Place Wealth Management network.

She has helped countless business owners redesign and accelerate their social media and has written articles for The Entrepreneur around the power of LinkedIn.

She recently won a Citywealth Brand Management & Reputation Award in recognition of her work in this field.

The ‘Ideal’ profile

knows what works


Did you know a professional photo will get 14x the views of one you snapped on your mobile phone? Or that just having an SEO ready profile means Google and LinkedIn will prioritise you over your competition?

How about the fact that simply adding 5 relevant skills to your profile increase the chances you’re discovered and messaged by over 30x!?

We know all of this because of the enormous amount of data collected every single day that shows when people click and when they don’t, what kind of profiles get attention and which are ignored.

The route to your ideal profile isn’t just telling you to be yourself. It’s framing your best qualities in a data-optimised profile that is proven to get results.

Melanie has been super to deal with and has provided excellent and quantifiable results through her work. She’s methodical and adaptable in her approach, which combined with her outstanding knowledge of LinkedIn has meant great results very quickly

Philip O’Connell

I have used Melanie to completely re-vamp my previously unloved and poorly optimised LinkedIn Profile. At one point I received a message from LinkedIn informing me that my profile was now ‘fully optimised’ and 27x more likely than the average LinkedIn Profile to be picked up by recruitment agencies!

Rory Hills

Melanie is dedicated and highly professional. She guided our company smoothly in setting up a LinkedIn strategy and and provided excellent advice throughout. I would highly recommend her.

Natalie Boudou

Melanie came in to do a workshop for my team and me on LinkedIn. It was excellent, we all learned a lot and I think it was good value for money. I am a believer!

Ted Wilson

What will you learn?

  • Why and how to create an attention-grabbing headline and summary.
  • How to strategically add keywords throughout your profile.
  • How to use tools to make your summary section stand out.
  • What to include and exclude from your summary section.
  • How to ensure that Google and LinkedIn prioritise you over your competitors ie. SEO your profile.
  • How to optimise and customise your privacy settings.
  • How to ensure maximum visibility to your ideal audience.
  • How to add and reorder your skills.
  • Are you a group member? You should be!
  • Connecting to your target audiences whether they’re recruiters, industry organisations or potential candidates.

This Webinar is packed full of action focused content that will help you turn your LinkedIn Profile into a client conversion machine. It’s all about the details! However, even though you’ll be making notes throughout, it’s important you can put this to use in the future as well. To make sure you don’t forget anything you’ll receive a 32 page guide containing all of the information we’ve been through.

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