How to Create and Optimise a Company Page on LinkedIn in 2019

Mar 27, 2019 | B2B, Financial Advisors, Law and Finance, LinkedIn, Marketing, Social Media Tips, Starting a business


LinkedIn is a professional networking platform for job seekers, employees, and professionals. Most prospective employees visit a company’s page on LinkedIn to learn more about them — the type of business it is and their history, values and goals. It is for this reason that employers need to optimise their company page on LinkedIn.

Here are 5 ways you can create and optimise a company page on LinkedIn in 2019:

Step 1:  Set Up the Company Page

Assuming that you have already created a company profile on LinkedIn, you need to set up your company page. Enter the name of your company and its public URL. You cannot change the public URL later, so put some thought into it beforehand. Some tips for setting up your public URL:

  • Shorten your company’s name if it is long
  • Add a keyword to your company’s name if another company has already taken it
  • Choose from either the location of your business or the type of company you run

Step 2:  Add Your Cover Picture and Logo

Add your company’s cover picture and logo. Add a 1536 x 768 pixels cover picture. It could be a stock photo or the location of your company. However, it should be relevant to your business. Add a high-resolution logo with square dimensions to prevent it from becoming blurry and cutting off.

Step 3:  Add Keywords to Your Company Description

You need to optimise your company page on LinkedIn using keywords. Include high ranking keywords related to your business in the description of your company. Place keywords in the “About Us” section of your company profile. Create a focused and direct description that is not more than 2,000 characters. Don’t stuff keywords in but try to use them naturally in the context. Otherwise, they look forced.

Step 4:  Ask Your Employees to Create a LinkedIn Profile

Ask the ones who haven’t done it already to create a LinkedIn profile. Tell both existing and new members of LinkedIn to edit their work history, adding their current position if not listed already, and select your company from the drop-down menu. Doing so will create traction.

Step 5:  Share Relevant Content

Share relevant content about your company, such as the latest news or articles and blogs, written by you or someone from your team, on LinkedIn. Also, use relevant hashtags and keywords in content to make it easier for others to find your posts.

Go forth and optimise!

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