How to use LinkedIn to Recruit in the New Business Landscape

The #COVID19 pandemic has had an undeniable impact on businesses worldwide. While some businesses have shut down and some are struggling to survive, the pandemic has increased the demand of some service-oriented businesses – healthcare businesses and financial services being examples. Amidst their struggle to survive and move forward, businesses are also preparing for the […]

If You Want to be Successful You Need Recommendations that Deliver

HOW TO GET AND GIVE THE RECOMMENDATIONS YOU NEED Recommendations serve as an excellent and compelling podium, a place where you showcase your current accomplishments, the present feathers in your hat and an area from where future prospective buyers decide whether to hire your services. They are accreditation and validation of your work and, indirectly, […]

15 Proven Ways to Succeed with your Content Marketing on LinkedIn

From Lead Generation to Business Development and Customer Relationships – LinkedIn Works LinkedIn is a goldmine for qualified leads because it is the most trusted social network. In terms of numbers: 1.      It generates 277% more leads in comparison to other popular social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. 2.      Its conversion rate is 3x the rate of competing ad platforms […]