How to Adjust Your LinkedIn Profile to Get Found by Recruiters

With online job portals like LinkedIn, finding the right job has become so much easier today. From learning about the company you have always dreamed of working for to getting to know the tips and tricks to crack an interview, LinkedIn has made our struggle of finding a job much less of a struggle. As […]

Fintech – Who to Follow on LinkedIn in 2019

The world of fintech has expanded exponentially over the last few years. Innovations and digital transformations have expanded fintech into areas that were, in the not-so-distant past, unheard of. LinkedIn’s new algorithm has ensured that those who were not visible as influencers are now at the forefront because of their extensive knowledge-sharing activity on the […]

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website Via Linkedin

Of the many paths taken by marketing departments to boost traffic to their websites, LinkedIn is one of the most travelled. This is especially true for B2B marketeers for whom Facebook, Twitter, are Instagram are not exactly the right channels to connect with their target audience – fellow businesses. In fact, out of the 90% […]

5 Ways to Optimize and Accelerate Your LinkedIn Company Page in 2019

The latest 2019 LinkedIn statistics support the importance to companies of having a well-established presence on LinkedIn: LinkedIn has more than 30 million companies on its platform. LinkedIn is almost three times (277 percent) more effective in generating leads than Twitter and Facebook. Even though LinkedIn can recognize Boolean operators and filter results according to […]

Followers v. Connections Who wins? You decide

This article folows on from my post last week where I said that I would explain the follower / connection concept in more detail: There’s a HUGE difference between a LinkedIn follower and a connection Connections are two people who have Connected on LinkedIn and a connection automatically becomes a Follower. Conversely, following someone on LinkedIn (not […]

5 LinkedIn Marketing Tips That Will Help you Build Your Strategy

80% of B2B leads are from LinkedIn – FACT 46% of social media traffic that comes to B2B businesses is from LinkedIn – FACT From the stats, you can safely assume that having an active presence on LinkedIn is essential for B2B businesses. Has Q2 of 2019 come around and you still haven’t launched your […]

Top 10 Tips For Publishing Articles Which Expand Your Reach On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the go-to for anything and everything related to business on the internet. The platform allows you to establish a digital footprint and highlight your professional experiences on your profile which could double as your online portfolio. If you want to make a name for yourself in the professional world, regardless of the field […]

How to Create and Optimise a Company Page on LinkedIn in 2019

  LinkedIn is a professional networking platform for job seekers, employees, and professionals. Most prospective employees visit a company’s page on LinkedIn to learn more about them — the type of business it is and their history, values and goals. It is for this reason that employers need to optimise their company page on LinkedIn. […]

Top 10 Tips for Publishing Articles that Expand Your Reach on LinkedIn

As you’ll be aware, nowadays LinkedIn is the go-to for anything and everything related to business on the internet. The platform allows you to establish a digital footprint and highlight your professional experiences on your profile, which could double as your online portfolio.  If you want to make name for yourself in the professional world, […]

7 ways to increase your LinkedIn company page followers

1. Fully complete your LinkedIn company profile When your company profile is complete you maximise the chances of LinkedIn identifying search-related keywords in your profile. Fully completed company profiles are more likely to rank over partially finished ones. NB. LinkedIn’s new “add a tagline” feature and add a follow button directly to your website. 2. […]