How the Humble Tips Booklet has Become a Thing of Glory

Everyone likes tips. Especially effective tips. Before the days of social media, if you went to a seminar you may be given a Tips Booklet to take away. You’d throw it in your in-tray and refer to it from time to time. What did you receive?  Top 10 ways to…  Effective ways to […]

How to increase brand awareness and drive website traffic without sending a single message

In today’s virtual world, brand presence and user engagement is a key driver for business growth. With the rise of social media, traditional marketing methods are making way for a digital marketing revolution. One needs to clearly understand the effectiveness of each social media platform for deriving better results. In most cases, popular social media […]

6 Steps to Future-Proof Your Business Using LinkedIn Marketing

PUBLISHED 9/12/20 Market leaders have capitalised on digital marketing since the early 90s, but the current level of awareness toward the use of online tools for marketing has been unprecedented — here in Europe and elsewhere around the globe. The first half of 2020 has habituated many people to include online interactions and transactions in […]

I’m An Advisor – How Can I Launch An Effective Networking Strategy in 48hrs?

I know that entering the digital sphere and promoting your brand (whether that be brand You or your company) can be daunting, especially when you don’t have any prior experience. Use this article as a crib sheet – I’ve made it easy for you to get online, connect with potential clients and take your business […]

How Can Financial Advisors Use LinkedIn To Their Advantage?

How Can Financial Advisors Use LinkedIn To Their Advantage? LinkedIn can be a potent tool for financial advisors. Most buyers turn to LinkedIn when looking for information on service providers. Often touted as the business social media platform, LinkedIn has constantly been adding new and advanced features. These features are attractive to clients and offer […]

LinkedIn Sales Navigator 101 – Are you Using it Properly?

When I say “LinkedIn Sales Navigator” are you scared? Or do you just wonder what I’m talking about. LinkedIn Premium – the paid version of LinkedIn – offers a vast array of excellent features that companies can use for both prospecting and hiring. The Sales Navigator tool is one such feature that you’ll find on […]

Should You Position Yourself as a Generalist or Specialist on LinkedIn?

As we know, LinkedIn is a great platform for professionals everywhere to form new connections and network, stay updated on the latest industry news, find new opportunities and establish yourself as a thought leader in your niche. Regardless of which field you belong to, there is one very important question that demands to be answered […]

How to Find Investors on LinkedIn

Why LinkedIn? There are many digital resources to touch base with an accredited investor, financier or venture capitalist but, excluding personal bias, the following reasons make LinkedIn the best place to start networking with them: 1.      You “connect” or network with investors & study their LinkedIn presence before the disclosure of your pitch or requirements to […]

Are you Using LinkedIn To Help You Prepare For The Future Of Work?

How LinkedIn Is Helping Us Prepare For The Future Of Work Technology has posed industry experts with a strange dilemma. They find it easier to predict the impact of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of things, cryptocurrencies, etc.  but find it hard to clarify as to the role of human beings in an industry. In […]

New Feature: Linkedin ‘Message Request Inbox’

This one is a bit long for a post so I’ve made it into a succinct article: The Message Request Inbox is for messages sent from 2nd and 3rd-degree connections as a new organisational feature. How to view your ‘Message Request Inbox’ Go to Linkedin Messaging and click the ellipsis near the top of the inbox. […]