How to Leverage LinkedIn in 20 Minutes a Day

This article was first published in The Entrepreneur on July 7th 2020 You may be working from home but for many professionals that doesn’t equate to hours of spare time. Conversely, as we start to emerge from the COVID-19 fog, you know that you need to start generating new business and promoting yourself. LinkedIn is […]

Would you like to receive the Big 3?

The Big 3 – July 14th 2020 The Big 3 newsletter gives 3 clear, simple and powerful ideas each week. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes to read but will give you more than a week’s worth of insight. I want this to be the most valuable email in your inbox. So here goes – 1 […]

Why Macroeconomics Matters in your Marketing?

Marketing is built on consumer insights i.e. identifying the consumer’s needs and motivations and building a relationship that results in a purchase as well as their endorsement. Hence, every marketer studies their consumer’s behaviour. Usually, small businesses learn by observing the customer or microeconomic analysis while multi-nationals also employ macroeconomics for international business. Then again, […]

LinkedIn for Family Offices: An Effective Tool for Reputation Management

Why Now? The Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated impending changes in many institutions and systems across the world and Family Offices are no different. Today, we are finding that wealthy families have realised the importance of fostering a good reputation: A poor reputation can expose family offices to disclose family and personal information to the risks of […]

Have you Selected the Correct Industry from the LinkedIn Industry List?

Have you selected the correct option from LinkedIn’s industry sector list on your LinkedIn profile? Before you leap and tick that box, remember that selecting the option from LinkedIn’s correct industry sector list can help you be found for the right jobs by recruiters if you’re using the platform to job hunt. Doing so can […]

The Quickest Road to Securing Appointments Today

Although current days may have a Groundhog Day air to them, we all need to move forward. With a remote workforce, clients re-strategising and revising budgets plus the opening up of the economy again – I think everyone could use some quick wins. Today I’m going to share with you the scripts that we use […]

LinkedIn Marketing For The Property Industry

Being a commercial property lawyer by original professional, I have always had a soft spot for all things real estate! The Covid-19 pandemic has jolted the property market into an unforeseen downturn: 1.      Commercial properties have dropped in rental income, property valuations for sale as well as debt financing. 2.      Securitised commercial property had a double jolt […]

LinkedIn Tips to Build Buyer Personas

Marketing always stresses the fact that you must identify the right prospects and understand their needs. But how would you do that? You will have to understand their motivation and their decision-making process. As a service provider or small business owner, you already have an understanding of your client and you know how to identify […]

Your LinkedIn Network and the Degrees of Connection

Have you ever heard of the concept “Six Degrees of Separation”? Proposed way back in 1929 by Frigyes Karinthy, the idea has popped up repeatedly in social and social media dialogues. People from the 90’s may recognise it from films; early 2000’s may see it as “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” and avid readers of LinkedIn […]

Do You Really Know How Well Your Company Page is Doing?

Company Page Analytics: Assess your Page Performance LinkedIn Company Page Analytics are very useful in improving your page performance and shortlisting prospects. Even as a basic member, the Admin Center gives you access to the following data for the last 30 days (with respect to midnight of the previous day): 1.      Visitors: LinkedIn Members who have visited […]