How Can Portfolio Managers Successfully Leverage LinkedIn?

For those of you who have recently subscribed, welcome to The Link Tank newsletter; my newsletter always focuses on the practical – real implementable strategies to increase your LinkedIn ROI, sometimes focusing on the what but always focusing on the how! Asset Managers Go Social ! Social media has become an integral part of our daily communication, whether personal […]

Email + LinkedIn – How to Get the Best Out of Both Tools

Why is the LinkedIn Button a great addition to your E-mail Signature? I’m publishing this interim newsletter (subscribers will know that they are usually only 1x month) as I published a post on this subject a few days ago and people wanted to know about it in more detail. As you know, my newsletter always […]

How to Leverage LinkedIn’s New Features – May 2022

LinkedIn has been a very busy bee in Q1 & 2 this year, rolling out a host of new features and making changes all over the show. If you’re a bit bamboozled or, in fact, don’t actually know about them, you’ve come to the right newsletter! I will give you a run-through of the most […]

How to Turn a LinkedIn Connection into a Client – Prospecting Effectively on LinkedIn

How to Turn a Connection into a Client – Prospecting Effectively on LinkedIn If you are interested in prospecting for new clients, planning to run an outreach program or purely nurturing your network effectively, LinkedIn can prove to be extremely profitable for you. Although this can seem quite daunting initially, given the vastness of this platform, […]

How to Use LinkedIn to Build a Powerful Business Development Platform

People might say that they’re here just to meet people, be sociable, find like minded individuals to banter with but most of us are here to learn, grow, make powerful contacts and have a material ROI on our time here. If you agree, read on! Over the years, LinkedIn has evolved from a recruitment tool that links […]

LinkedIn Groups – are you leaving money on the table?

LinkedIn Groups – are you leaving money on the table? Known as the graveyard of LinkedIn, most people don’t waste their time in them. However, a good LinkedIn marketing strategy must utilise LinkedIn Groups effectively because they have some less obvious features which you can benefit from and LinkedIn have announced that they are going to be overhauled and […]

How to Become an Effective Networker on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is usually viewed as a global network, best suited for businesses that operate across many countries,but it is an effective marketing tool for local businesses too. According to 2019 figures of LinkedIn, its user base includes more than three-fourth of the UK’s working population. It also added 163K monthly registrations from UK alone i.e. growing by […]

Step-by Step ~ How to Set Up Your LinkedIn Profile to be found by Recruiters

How to Set Up LinkedIn Profile to be Found by Recruiters A majority of talent professionals agree that virtual recruiting shall remain the norm after COVID. It is safe to say that LinkedIn will continue to be an important resource for recruiters, even in 2021/2. The statistics agree: ⏩  According to a 2017 study, 122 […]

Recently Funded? How To Make LinkedIn Work For You

How Recently Funded Companies Can benefit from LinkedIn? Consumers can evaluate established goods & services by going through reviews on e-commerce sites, but what about new products? The obvious answer seems to be social media. If you go by the 2018 data of GlobalWebIndex, 54% of the world’s social browsers research products on social media. Social browsers […]