How to Spot Fake Profiles on LinkedIn

How to spot fake profiles on LinkedIn Do you take offence when a cashier holds up your money against the light and looks at it like it’s fake? Sadly, counterfeit notes are rampant. We are surrounded by “fake” – fake money, friends, love, relationships, and the latest in a long line of fakes is fake profiles. […]

What Media Do you Really Need to be Seen here?

What is this “Rich Media” that they speak of? Do you need it to boost your LinkedIn profile? Rich media is any form of digital content which allows users to interact and engage with it i.e. direct links, pop-ups, audio files, videos, power-point presentations, images etc. By this definition, a LinkedIn Profile has many features that […]

How Should Small Businesses (SMEs) Leverage LinkedIn in 2021?

According to Statista’s 2019 report, there were 25.1 million small- and medium-size businesses in the European Union in 2018. Unfortunately, like many SMEs, only half will survive after five years. Scared? Don’t be. To ensure that your small company continues to thrive, try taking advantage of the various ways that LinkedIn can help develop your business. As one of […]

Why Bother? Is LinkedIn Organic Reach Now an Impossibility?

In days gone past, LinkedIn was heaven for people who were creating interesting, premium-quality content and they were able to generate millions of views with their LinkedIn posts. However, still members were using LinkedIn only as a CV database to find and be found. It was not the social media of choice…for social. So LinkedIn […]

Do You Really Need to Niche?

HOW TO FIND YOUR NICHE AS A FINANCIAL ADVISOR Financial advising is a growing sector with more people opting to offer personalised and comprehensive wealth management services. As a consequence, the competition in this industry has grown fierce making it more difficult to differentiate between professionals who are offering similar substantive services. Clients will remain […]